NERO Homme - male fashion & erotic contemporary art

We use sensuality as a tool for getting to the very substance. Open up, and under the name of the emperor, set fire to the dark city, to get deep inspiration.

NERO Homme is a publication about male fashion and erotic contemporary art, printed in the circulation of 1000 limited edition copies and distributed worldwide in selected shops and bookstores.

The design, created by Jose Simon, is based on the balance between symmetry and asymmetry utilizing the tools and elements of alchemy. To construct the precise framing context and typography, the appearing lines and graphics of the minimalist layout are spring from the golden ratio.

Throughout the publication's visual language and imagery, we wish to represent the true qualites and passion of photography, combined with in-depth written editorial content.

The development of NERO Homme is an ongoing searching process, for others who would share a common interest and make these skin-deep explorations with us. From all parts of the world, we have found many artists and many hidden connections. This is where we are now. This is our beautiful creation.

NERO Family - contributors and featured artists:

Actually Huizenga András G. Varga Balázs Barsi Chrysta Bell
Daniel Jones David Mettcalfe Edgar Retro Maxim Emika
Eniko Toth Kern Fannie Latour Lambert Gemma Slack Jen Gilpin
José Simon Karley Sciortino Konrád Gazdag Luis Artemio De Los Sanros
Mariusz Bari Matt Lambert Matthew Stone Maxime Ballesteros
Millie Brown Natasha Slater Olivia Martin Princess Julia
Simon Nygard Sophie Rotas Theo-Mass Lexileictous Zoltán Tombor